How To Fix A Stair Tread

You're finally tired of listening to that squeaking or loose stair tread and now you finally want to know," How to Fix a Stair Tread." Well, it's about time, it's not always going to be easy, but there are a few different methods for making stair repairs that you can try, before you start tearing the stairway apart. Some stair tread problems can be fixed, with one single screw, while others, will require an expert.

How To Fix Loose Stair Treads

1. If you have any loose stair treads, they can usually be nailed or screwed back into place. Sometimes it will be as simple as grabbing a hammer and driving the nails that are sticking up, back down.

2. If you have a rubber stair tread covering, carpet tread pads or any other type of stair tread covering and you think that you have a loose stair tread underneath the protective covering, remove it, if they can be removed easily.

If not, you should contact a stairway repair contractor, to take a look at the problem. However, if you can remove the stair tread covering, with little effort and without damaging the covering, do it. This should provide you with a better view of the area that needs to be repaired.

Look for any nails that are sticking up or any other type of damage. If you can apply a little pressure with your hand, try to push down on the stair treads and see if it moves.

If It Moves: Your next job will be to figure out if there is a stair stringer underneath the stair tread that you can drive a nail or a screw through (the tread), into the stair stringer, to make the necessary repairs.

If you're having a problem figuring it out, contact a local contractor or handyman for more help.

If It Doesn't Move: Then there's a good chance that it isn't loose or that you're not putting enough pressure down on the stair step. If this is the case, I don't recommend standing on the stair treads and jumping up and down, just in case it is damaged.

The last thing you want to do is fall through a damaged stairway, so be careful.

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