Metal Stair Treads

Metal stair treads work well with metal or wood stair stringers. The biggest problem you're going to have with metal is corrosion. Let's face it, wood rots and metal rusts and if you really want to extend your stairways life, you're going to need to provide them with a little tender loving care. Metal stair treads will need to be cleaned and inspected, on a regular basis.

Metal Stairway Tips

1. Since we know that metal rusts, anything we can do to prevent it from rusting is going to extend the life of any metal stairway and steps. The best way to prevent rust is to keep your stairway clean and debris free.

As people walk up and down the stairs with their muddy feet or even small amounts of dirt, some of it will eventually get stuck on the stair treads. That's not the worst part, when the dirt retains moisture and the moisture is in direct contact with the metal stair treads, risers, stringers or other stair parts, it won't be long before the metal starts to corrode.

2. If you're metal stairs need to be painted, just don't paint them without doing the necessary preparations. If you're stairs are starting to rust, these areas will need to be treated, before painting. Make sure that you remove any loose paint that's flaking off of the metal stairway and handrailing.

If you don't treat the rusted metal and paint right over the rust, there's a good chance that the metal will continue to corrode, under the paint.

If metal stairs are cleaned regularly and maintained, they should last for decades.

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