Non Slip Stair Treads

Non slip stair treads should be installed on every stairway, if possible. The biggest safety problem you're going to have with any set of stairs, will be personal injuries. If someone's walking down a stairway with smooth steps, on a rainy day, with smooth shoe soles or high heels, they'd better be careful, especially if the stairway doesn't have any non slip stair treads.

How To Create A Non Slip Tread

This one's actually easy to answer, simply apply a non slip material on top of your slippery treads and your problem is solved. Ah, if only it was that easy.

There are a few ways that you can create a non slip stair tread. The easiest way would be to apply a non-skid tape, towards the front of the stair tread or step surface.

The second way would be to apply any non-skid adhesive pads to the stair treads. This type of pad covers most of the tread, instead of the front edge. These pads will provide you with a larger surface area of slip resistant materials.

The third way would be to paint some type of a skid resistant material, onto the stair tread. However, some of these epoxy paints can actually have the opposite effect and create a bigger problem, than you would have had, if you left the stair step alone.

Be careful using epoxy paints and if you do decide to use them, make sure that you read and understand the manufacturer's installation instructions. It wouldn't even be a bad idea, to make your own sample, if possible.

Simply grab a scrap piece of lumber and apply the non skid paint or epoxy paint to the surface area. After it dries, try to figure out, whether or not this product will provide you with a non slip stair tread.

I've actually walked down stairways that were painted with slip resistant epoxy paints, that were extremely slippery when wet.

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