Rock Stair Treads

Rock stairs and rock stair treads can be difficult to navigate, if they're not built correctly. Could you imagine walking up and down uneven stair steps, regularly? If these stairs are difficult to navigate or walk up and down, they can become extremely frustrating. Not only are they exhausting, but uneven rock stair treads are also a safety hazard.

Be careful using rock for stair treads, especially if you don't have any experience building stairs or working with rocks. There are plenty of experienced Masons who have worked in the construction industry for years, and don't have enough knowledge, to build a decent stairway, out of this difficult building material.

If you're only going to build a one or two step rock stairway, you could probably get through it. Just make sure that your rocks are flat and aren't creating a trip hazard. The picture above provides you with a good example of something that wouldn't meet today's, local building codes.

If you're planning on using large round rocks, your probably going to have a problem creating a flat surface that's going to provide stair users, with a decent step. However, you could always use smaller rocks, to solve this problem.

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