Stair Tread Rugs

Stair tread rugs can provide at least two major benefits to any stairway. Number one, they can turn an ordinary staircase into something spectacular. Number two, they can actually provide stair users with additional traction as long as they're installed correctly. Stair tread rugs can become a safety hazard, if they're loose or damaged.

Choosing Stair Tread Colors

What does your house look like or what do you want it to look like? Just because you like blue doesn't mean that blue is going to look good, in your home. Even if blue does look good in your home, will it look good in your home, if you change anything else, later (carpeting, flooring, furniture, handrailing).

These are questions that you need to be concerned with, whenever you're purchasing carpeting for the entire house, but you really don't need to worry about it, when you're purchasing stair tread rugs. It's not hard to find a set of these rugs for under $100 and that makes them affordable, especially if you're planning on mixing up a few things, around the house.

Remember, I'm a stair builder, contractor and writer, but my interior decorating skills are limited. The best advice I can give you, would be to find a color that matches your existing flooring or something close to it.

These Rugs Collect Dirt

Even though I'm not an interior decorator, I know a little something about dirt and the color white. If you have children, pets or even a husband who loves working around the house, you should avoid purchasing any light colored stair tread rugs or other coverings.

Fasten Them Securely

Make sure that you read and understand the manufacturer's installation instructions and purchase the correct adhesive, tape or backing.

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