Unfinished Stair Treads

Unfinished stair treads can come in a variety of sizes and are made out of different building materials. The most popular unfinished stair steps sold today in the United States are made from hardwoods. However, if you're framing a set of stairs, you're not going to be using anything else except for construction standard building materials, like plywood, oriented strand board or 2 x 12's, for your unfinished stair treads.

If you're planning on finishing the entire stairway with the same color, stain or paint, I highly recommend using unfinished stair treads, instead of pre-finished ones. However, if you're planning on painting or staining different parts of the stairway, you should consider pre-finishing these individual stair parts, before assembling them.

Unfinished Stair Tread Advantages

1. This will provide you with a complete finished stairway that can be modified, if necessary. Any nail holes, screw holes or wood plugs can be sanded or filled, but this would be difficult, if you were using pre-finished stair parts.


Pre-finished stair parts will need to be carefully assembled, in order to avoid any damage that would require any type of repairs. Any nail holes, splits or other type of damage will need to be filled and refinished.

This might not sound like a big deal, but it will be if you don't have the exact stain or paint color, because you bought them from the manufacture.

Stair Finishing Tip

If you don't have a lot of experience with stairway construction or finishing, make sure that you gather as much information as you possibly can. Knowledge reduces frustration and usually increases your chances for finishing any project, including a nice handrail or stairway.

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