Vinyl Stair Treads

Vinyl stair treads can provide your stairs with a nice looking finish, with plenty of traction. They also come in a wide variety of different designs and colors. They're usually inexpensive and would allow you to use plywood, oriented strand board or even engineered stair treads underneath the vinyl covering, to reduce costs. You could actually create a nice looking, safe stairway without spending a small fortune.

Advantages Of Using Vinyl Stair Treads

1. The best tip I could give anyone or biggest advantage I could think of, for using these stair step coverings would be to transform an old stairway into something nicer. If you had an old stairway that was worn down or had minor blemishes, you could cover your stair steps up with vinyl tread covering.

2. They will usually provide you with more traction. Smooth stair steps aren't going to provide you with a skid resistant surface. However, vinyl stair treads will as long as they have small grooves, in them and are not smooth themselves.

3. You can usually purchase them in different colors and this would change the look of the stairway, entirely. Instead of replacing your stair treads you could cover them up with a thin layer of vinyl. It would definitely be cheaper and if you're looking at saving a few dollars, this could be the answer that you're looking for.

Disadvantages Of Using Vinyl Stair Treads

1. They will need to be maintained. If the adhesive doesn't hold properly, they could lift around the edges, creating safety hazards. There has been instances where they've actually slipped off of the original stair tread, when there has been a large increase in temperature.

2. This is the biggest is the damage I could possibly think of. If you use vinyl stair treads to cover a nice wood stairway, you might be stuck, using vinyl replacement coverings forever.

It's usually difficult to remove the adhesive, used to bond the original stair treads to the vinyl. Plan on using some type of chemical and doing a lot of sanding, in order to restore your original stair steps, if someone used a strong adhesive.

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