Washable Stair Treads

Washable stair treads can make all of the difference in the world, especially if you live in an area, where your carpeting gets pummeled by dirt. Some of these washable stair treads have rubber mats underneath them and can be picked up at any time and cleaned. While others are stuck to the stairway with some type of adhesive or tape and will be a little more difficult to remove and clean.

How To Wash Stair Treads?

If you have washable stair treads and you don't have any washing instructions for them, play it safe and wash them in cold water. After you have washed them, try to avoid throwing them into your dryer, instead hang them up and let them air dry.

Benefits Of Reading Instructions Before Washing

If you purchased washable stair treads, make sure that you read the washing instructions. The benefits of actually reading the instructions and putting them somewhere, where you could find them, instead of throwing them away or forgetting about their location, could provide you with some incredibly valuable insight, when needed.

I heard a story one time about a woman who used a permanent marking pen and wrote the washing instructions on one of the bottoms, of her stair treads. It would usually require a few words," Wash in warm water and hang dry."

What If I Ruin My Stair Treads When Washing?

I don't have a good answer for that one, but I can offer you some hope. Hopefully you didn't spend very much money for your stair treads, otherwise that could lead to frustration and suffering.

However, if you bought the entire set of washable stair treads for under $100, this could provide you with an excuse to purchase some new ones. After you have purchased the new ones, make sure that you read and understand the manufacturers directions for washing and drying your brand-new stair step coverings.

You don't want to end up in the same situation that you previously were, unless of course you need an excuse to purchase a new set.

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