Winder Stairs

Winder stairs use polygons shapes to form steps or some sort of a triangular pattern which if used properly, creates an extremely nice looking set of stairs. When building Winder stairs keep in mind the building codes and a minimum interior tread width. These stairs can be dangerous to walk on if not built properly.

Over the years of building winder stairs and having them in my home I have seen many accidents due to the stair tread looking bigger than it actually is. It gives you an illusion as you step down, of a wider step when actually you're stepping on an extremely small area.

The winder stairs in the pictures above are made from wood and wood stairs can be slippery. Be careful walking up and down any wood stairs.

There are stair runners that can be attached to any set of stairs if you start having problems walking up and down the wood stairs.

There is also slip resistant materials and mats that can be attached to the stair treads for increased safety.