Easy Formula For Straight Stairway Pricing

By Greg Vanden Berge

This is not an exact science, but could give most contractors and homeowners a pretty good idea on how to figure out stairway pricing. This easy formula is not going to work in every situation, but should give you a pretty good idea, about how much a set of stairs would cost to install.

A simple Straight set of stairs, for lumber and labor can usually be figured at around $20-$35 per step.

So in other words, if you were going to build a stairway that was made from construction standard lumber, you could probably figure around 20 or $25 per step. If you are planning on building a Straight set of stairs with a redwood or cedar, you might be looking at around $30-$35 per step.

If you're planning on building a set of stairs out of Oak or another hardwood, your pricing could actually be as much as $100 per step or even higher. The finish on the stairway, could also add to the stairway pricing.

If you're planning on building a set of stairs outside and you really don't care what it looks like. You simply want it to serve a function and that function is to get you from point A to point B. as safely as possible, this stairway will cost a lot less than something fancy.

This price does not include the hand rail, but you could probably add another $15-$35 per step for labor and materials. Again, it's all going to depend on what kind of hand rail and what type of wood you are planning to use when designing and then building your set of stairs.

This should give you a general idea on stair building costs but these costs could fluctuate, depending upon your community, lumber and labor costs.

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