Stair Building Man or Myth

By Greg Vanden Berge

It was about 15 years ago, when I met this man who was one of the best stair builders in my area. I learned a lot from this guy and he turned out to be one of the best stair builders or stair building contractors that I had ever worked with in my life.

This man could cut and build almost any kind of stairs that you could possibly imagine. If an architect could draw the stairs, this man could put them together.

Even if the engineers couldn't figure out how to assemble the stairs, this man could and often amazed his fellow carpenters, including me.

One day, he was called to perform a task that was going to prove to be one of the most difficult tasks that any stair builder could perform. This set of stairs was going to be built without any supports and relatively very little engineering or architectural thought was put into the planning of this new stairway, by the designers.

The stair building man told the new homebuilder, that he would need to spend some time thinking about this project. He didn't really know if it was possible, but he was going to go home and do some research and talk to a few of his fellow stair building masters to see if they together, could come up with a plan on how to construct the stairway, without any supporting structural members.

It took a couple of days, until the stair building master returned to the project, but within a few days he assembled this set of stairs and he was now the talk of the town. I'm not going to tell you his name, but I learned a lot from this man and just wanted to tell him what a great influence he had on me and so many others.

I hope you read this article, stair building man, because you were the best stair builder that I ever knew.

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