2 x 6 Stair Landing

This is a split level stair landing made from 2 x 6 and 4 x 8 construction standard lumber. As you can see from the picture instead of using hangers I end nailed the 2 x 6 landing joist which provides a pretty durable way to fasten the lumber together as an alternative to a 2 x 6 hanger. Please follow local building codes before using this framing system.

Using 2 x 6 For A Stair Landing

I've probably built over 1,000 stair landings, if not more, during my lifetime and most of these landings were built out of 2 x 6. However, I probably could've built them out of 2 x 4's, because most of them weren't over 3 foot wide.

When I first started working, we didn't use joists hangers, we used pressure blocks. Now, it seems like you can't do anything without some type of metal fastener or connector.

I'm not about to suggest that homes today are built with unnecessary hardware, but it's hard to imagine that most of the stairways built without metal hardware are still standing and probably will be standing, far into the future.

You should always check with a structural engineer, before taking anyone's advice about which type of materials you should or shouldn't use, to build a stairway.