Concrete Stair Handrailing - Metal guard rail

Concrete is one of the hardest building materials and can create an incredibly strong stairway. Even though it's not practical to use concrete, for your handrailing or guard rails, you can use steel. Steel, combined with concrete can produce a nice looking stairway that's extremely strong and durable.

What's The Biggest Problem With Concrete And Steel?

Concrete absorbs moisture and steel doesn't like moisture. By mixing the two of these together, we could end up with some serious problems in the future.

Concrete stairways with steel handrails will need to be kept as dry as possible, otherwise the steel inside of and outside of the stairway will start to corrode. Once this starts to happen, the staircase will start to suffer a slow death. It could take decades or even just a few years, but once the metal starts to rust, it will weaken the stairway.

Another problem with moisture and concrete, will affect the base of the handrail posts, right where they enter into the concrete stairway. If the handrail is going to rust, this is the spot where it's going to happen.

Sprinklers, gutters and a constant supply of moisture around these stairways will create problems for them. Try to divert the water or change the direction, of your sprinklers, to extend the life of your concrete stairway and metal handrail.