Concrete Stairs Between Block Walls

This is a simple set of concrete stairs built between two cinder block walls. You can build this type of concrete stairs with less difficulty than a free standing set of concrete stairs because you don't have to form the sides of the stairs. A little less work with the stairs but you still have to build the concrete walls.

The Benefits Of Using Concrete Block Wall

If you're planning on building a stairway in between two concrete walls or walls that have been made out of brick or block, there's one thing that will make your job easier. You won't need to form the sides, of the staircase.

A small stairway like this one could actually be formed and poured, in the same day. Especially if you're not going to finish it very good, like the one in the picture above.

Concrete Stair Building Tip

One of the biggest problems I've seen dealing with concrete stairways, would be uneven risers and stair steps. While you're forming the staircase, double check all of your measurements, especially if you're forming one step at a time.

If you're going to start with the first step and work your way to the top and one of your measurements is off, in the middle of the stairway, it could create problems for the rest of the risers and treads, in either direction.

For example, if I had a 10 inch stair tread and my fifth step was 10 1/2 inches, I would need to fix the fifth one and then readjust the others. This can usually be done by dividing the extra half inch into the next two or three stair treads, instead of removing and repositioning the rest of the entire stairway.

If you build a stairway out of wood, you could probably tear it apart and rebuild it, but that would be extremely difficult to do with concrete. Since concrete is a one-shot deal and you don't get a second chance, you should double check everything, before actually pouring the concrete.