Office Staircase

Office Stairway Tips

1. If you have more than 20 people using one stairway each day, you better make sure that they're safe to use. Each stair tread should provide users with plenty of traction and should have a non-slip surface.

2. Does the stairway have a gripable handrailing that meets local building codes? The office staircase should have a handrailing that you could hold onto, while walking up the entire stairway.

3. Is this stairway comfortable? Sometimes the stair steps or risers are inconsistent and create trip hazards.

4. Are there any large windows around the stairway that don't have any safety or tempered glass? Most building codes require windows around stairwells and within 5 feet of the top and bottom of the stairway, to have tempered glass.

5. Are they clean? I wouldn't have brought this up, but a few years ago I was walking through a building that had an office stairway that looked like it hadn't been cleaned in 50 years. Someone told me that the stairway was dirty, because the previous occupants worked with used automotive parts.

It wasn't just that this stairway was dirty, it was actually one of the worst safety hazards I ever ran across. The workers would often track grease, grime and even oil throughout the building, including the stair steps.

I only had to walk up and down the stairway once, to realize that it wasn't going to be long, before someone slipped and injured themselves. To make matters even worse, it was the only stairway in the building.