Circular Stairs

Circular stairs come in many shapes and sizes from grand staircases and the big mansions of the old South to the modern day track framed home where one stair man can build two sets of staircases each day. Your basic circular set of stairs otherwise known as curved stairs can be made quite simply with 2 x 4 framing whereas a complicated set of circular stairs which is open underneath the staircase could require a prefabricated shop built set of stairs.

The shop built stairs will require days to build as to their complicated laminated structure which requires the use of geometry and trigonometry. The math required to figure out the tangents involved for the stair design and the handrail are complicated and extremely difficult.

The people who build these stairs are definitely artists in the construction business.

Circular Stair Hand Railing

Once the circular stairs are framed, you will have to build the hand railing and this will be where we separate the professionals from the amateurs.

These handrails can be built a couple of different ways, some hand rail manufacturers make it easy with some slotted or grooved, sliced handrails.

These can be bent and formed to match almost any set of stairs that curve and make a professional out of an amateur stair builder. You can get more information by visiting a stair hand rail manufacturers in your area.

Another method for creating circular stair handrails would be to use steam and this would require some extra tools and steaming equipment.

Steam bending wood can be difficult but this method is how they used to do it in the old days.