Maximum Rise - House Door Swings In

Here is another one that can be interpreted in different ways.

What if you have a house where one of the entrance doors swings in to the home, what would the maximum rise be? One of the building code books, says that 8 inches is the maximum, if the door swings into the house.

I would check with your local building department before doing anything with this particular building code. Anything more than 4 inches can create a trip hazard for people walking in and out of the home.

This building code does not apply to public buildings where the American Disabilities Act could be enforced. Some of these building codes take precedence over the uniform building code or the international building code.

In the picture above, I provided you with a side view, to give you a better idea of what I was talking about. However, you could have a problem with building code interpretation, if you have a door threshold. The 8 inch maximum rise for a situation like this could be measured from the top of the entry porch (sidewalk, patio, deck) to the top of the door threshold.