Building Straight Stairs

Consider yourself lucky, if you're planning on building a Straight set of stairs, because it's usually going to be the simplest stairway, you can build. They're actually the most common staircase, built all over the world.

Straight Stair Building Tips

1. Make sure that you follow and understand your local building codes. I've already created a list of stair building codes that are generally accepted throughout the United States, but not all of them are accepted, by everyone.

2. If the stairway is going to require more than four steps, it wouldn't be a bad idea to provide your users with a gripable handrail. This will give them something to hold onto, while walking up and down the stairs.

3. If you're planning on installing and building a long Straight stairway, something that's going to be longer than 14 steps, you should consider installing a landing.

Most building codes won't let you build a stairway that's going to have more than a 12 foot total stair rise, without installing a landing, just in case someone falls. If someone fell down a long stairway, without a landing in the middle, somewhere, they could end up rolling all the way down the stairway.

4. After you have cut your first stair stringer, make sure that you place it into its proper position and make sure that everything looks good, before cutting any more stair stringers. Check the stair stringer to make sure that the treads are level.

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