Building The Stairs

By now you should have cut your stair stringers and figured out where everything is going to be positioned. You're out at the planning stage and ready to start nailing things together, but there's one more thing you need to know, before you nail everything together.

Stair Building Tip

If I had a quarter for every time I nailed something in the wrong place and needed to remove it, especially after I nailed the heck out of it, I could probably buy a couple of gallons of gas, assuming that gas hasn't risen over $100 a gallon.

It's not uncommon to nail a stair stringer, landing or platform together and realize that you made a mistake.

If you do nail something together incorrectly, be as careful as you possibly can, removing the stair parts. Try to eliminate any damage and if the stair parts are damaged, they will need to be re-cut and mistakes like these, cost money.

This is another reason why you need to read each page of this free how to build stairs, section of the website. Stair building tips like these, reduce frustration, save money and create safe stairways.

Stair Construction Questions And Answers

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