Can You Build It

I don't know how many times someone e-mails me, with a problem, they didn't plan for. They bought the book, Simplified Stair Building and had the best intentions, but ran into a problem, a big problem and never finished their stairway.

Now would be a good time to figure out if you have the mental or physical desire to build your stairs. If you're 170 years old, overweight, have unpredictable medical conditions or a negative mental attitude that will prevent you from building your stairs, "Then Stop."

Medical problems and physical disabilities could create construction difficulties and lead to frustration. Trust me, there is going to be enough frustration, building anything, even if your in the best mental and physical shape of your life.

Here's Some Questions I've Received Over The Years.

1. Do You Think My Husband Can Build a Set of Stairs?

Don't plan on someone else building your stairs, if they don't want to. This individual wanted me to convince their husband that they could build a set of stairs, but it didn't take me long, to realize that her husband had no interest in working on the weekends or any other time that he wasn't at work.

2. Can I Build A Stairway, With Only A Hammer And Drill?

You probably could, but it's going to be difficult, because you're also going to need some nails, lumber and even a measuring tape would help considerably. If you don't have any tools or only a few tools, then it would be extremely difficult to build a set of stairs. Try to find someone who does have some tools that you could borrow, or plan on purchasing a few, before getting started.

Can You Build It? If You Want to, Yes, You Will Find a Way.

Stair Design Questions And Answers

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