Cut Risers

It all depends upon what type of material you're going to use for your stair risers, whether you can use a circular saw or not. However, a circular saw will cut most construction standard lumber and engineered building materials.

You can also use a table saw or attach a saw guide, to your circular saw, to increase accuracy.

If you haven't ever used a saw guide before, be careful. If you're going to make consecutive cuts, in a row, you will need to check every other cut, to make sure that it's still Straight.

When I first started using saw guides, it took me about a year to get used to them.

Plywood And Oriented Strand Board Risers

To make things easy, layout and mark one riser and then use that one as a template, to mark, layout and cut the rest of them.

After you have installed your stair stringers you can measure the width of the risers and then cut them accordingly.

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