Stair Building Instructions

If you follow these step-by-step instructions, you shouldn't have any problems building a Straight set of stairs or a set of stairs with a platform or landing.

Pretend like you're back in school and I'm the teacher and you're the student. You're not going to be able to skip ahead and start cutting your stair stringers, until you measure the stair run and stairway rise.

Remember, you're not in a hurry and no one's going to rush you through your project.

Feel free to go through our stair building glossary and search for stair building terms that you don't understand. The stair building glossary has almost every word that a stair builder would use or referred to, so if you run into a stair building term that you don't understand, it should be in there, otherwise feel free to e-mail me for more information.

Okay, let's see if we can't make a stair builder out of you.


How To Figure And Calculate Stair Stringers

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