Basic Stair Building Tools

Stair Framing Tool List

Framing Square - Let's start with the most important tool, the framing square. This is going to be your best friend and if you do not have a framing square and you're planning on building a set of stairs, get one. The framing square will be used for square cuts and stringer layout.

Stair Gauges - These little guys are inexpensive and a must-have, if you're building a long stairway, but if you're not interested in spending any extra money, you can do without them. They attach to your framing square and reduce the amount of errors you will make, while laying out your stair stringers.

Measuring Tape - Don't even get started building your stairway, if you don't have a tape measure. Take measures are used by builders, carpenters and construction workers for measuring and transferring measurements to lumber, tile and other building materials.

Calculator - If you're not good at math, then you better get a calculator, but it is possible to build a stairway without one. Calculators can provide you with efficient calculations, while multiplying and dividing your total stair run and total stair rise, to figure out the size, of your stair treads and risers.

Circular Saw - Well, I guess you could use a hand saw, but I should be honest with you, that's how the old-timers did it, like my grandfather. If you're planning on building a set of stairs today, a circular saw is a must. Circular saws can speed up the stair building process, like you wouldn't believe.

Level - If you want your stairs to be nice and Straight, vertically and horizontally, you should consider purchasing a level. However, I have built plenty of stairs without one, but that's me, not you. Do yourself a favor, if you don't have a level, beg borrow or steal, but get one.

Saw Guide - Saw guides are handy for making repetitive cuts, especially when you're building a lot of stairs, but won't be necessary, if you're only going to be building one set of stairs. A saw guide attaches to your circular saw and will allow you to cut your treads and risers, efficiently.

Hammer - Yes, unless you're planning on screwing the entire stairway together, you need a hammer. Hammer's are used to drive nails into wood and make a wide variety of adjustments.

Chalk Line - A Chalk line can be used to create a nice Straight line, whether it's on a piece of wood, wall, ceiling or even on the floor. You won't need a chalk line, if you're building a small stairway, up to six steps, but anything longer, just might require one of these handy construction tools.

Pencil - This is a no-brainer and everyone should have a pencil that they can use to build their stairs. Pencils will be used for marking precise measurements and any old pencil will work just fine.

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