Stair Framing Tools

1. Heavy Duty Aluminum Framing Square, 16-Inch by 24-Inch
  Empire Level 1240 16 Inch by 24-Inch Fat Boy Heavy-Duty Aluminum Framing Square. Made of 3/16-Inch thick heavy-gauge aluminum 1/16-Inch, and 1/32-Inch graduations. 50% thicker than standard squares and resists bending. Aluminum construction will not rust or corrode.-Inch graduations, numbers, and rafter tables are deep stamped for long life.
2. Empire Level 7535 35x1-Inch Black Power Grip
  35'x1" Black Power Grip measuring Tape
3. 48-Inch Professional Aluminum Box Level
  True Blue vials are accurate to within 0.0005" per inch in all 10 level and plumb working positions. Heavy-duty 6061 aircraft aluminum chassis. 300 degree view top-reading level vial. Solid block acrylic vials won't break, leak or fog. Milled edges for a accuracy. Dual molded rubber end caps for extreme shock resistance
4. Swanson Stair Gauges (Brass)
  Stairway construction, use to layout repetitive cuts.

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5. Swanson Framing Wizard (5 layout tools In-One)
  Framing Wizard Is Five Tools In One, Framing Square, Try-Square, Miter Square, Angle Finder & Saw Guide, This Compact Folding Square Is Constructed Of Bright Blue Hard Coat Anodized High Grade Aluminum & Precision Laser Etched Markings, The Hinged Mechanism Features An Easily Adjustable Set Screw
6. Blue Max High Performance California Framing Hammer
  19 OZ, Milled Face Framing Hammer, 16" Blue Curved Hickory Handle, High Polished & Buffed Finished Head, Innovative Head Start Magnetic Nail Slot, Holds Both 16D & 20D Nails, Increases Reach & Permits 1 Handed Nail Starting, Waffled Striking Face Hugs Nail Heads To Minimize Slipping & Misstrikes, Ergonomically Designed.
7. Swanson Tool 7-inch Speed Square
  Swanson's Speed Square is a popular pocket-sized square that incorporates features of the framing square, tri, miter, and protractor squares. Common rafter and hip,valley rafter scales permit one-number references for all cuts.
8. 10-5/8-Inch Exhumer Nail Puller/Saw Wrench/Nail Pic
  Deadon, 9", Exhumer Nail Puller With Built In Saw Wrench & Bottle Opener.
9. Empire Level 399 Poly Square Shooter, 12-Inch
  Need a tool for fast repeat angle cuts? It allows you to make fast repeat angle cuts for common rafters, seats cuts, hip and valley. You can measure and duplicate angles. Easy to use adjustable angle indicator locks firmly for marking accurate layout lines.
10. Mayhew 41500 TWEAKER
  Grip, strip, wedge, pull, drive, adjust or tweak boards. Used to pull twisted framing materials into line.
11. 99-Inch Ultra Wide Grip Clamp with Double T-Track
  The heaviest alum Straight edge made. Jaw holes let you add wide alum jaws or a story stick. Although similar to our Single Straight Edge Clamp the Ultra Wide Straight Edge Clamp has some additional features. It is significantly wider, making it extremely rigid.
12. 36'' Clamp N Cut Swivel Edge Guide
  As any woodworker knows, not every angle is 90. That's why Bora has designed the first and only edge guide with swiveling pads that angle up to 22.5 in either direction. It's a light, fast and inexpensive way to make precise angle cuts on sheet goods.
13. Chalk-Rite II Ultra-Thin Snap Line with Triple Speed Rewind
  Contractor-grade chalk snap-line w/100' (30M) ultra thin premium-grade braided line. Smooth gear-drive winding, up to 3 times faster than standard snap-lines. Compact, fits comfortably in palm of hand yet holds up to 1.6 oz. (45 g) of chalk.
14. Tajima Plumb-Rite Elastomer-wrapped plumb bob setter
  Unique plumb bob features a quick-stabilizing cap that reduces bob wobble and spin. Bob also featured embedded elastomer side bumpers and a thick tip guard. Adjustable for bobs weighing from 3.5 oz to 35 oz.
15. Milwaukee 14.4-Volt Caulk Adhesive Gun
  Cordless caulk/adhesive gun, 1.7 Amp/14.4-volt battery, charger, 10-ounce carriage, plunger rod, and product manual.
16. Malco CG18 Heavy Duty Caulk Gun
  Easy Dispensing Caulking Gun with a power grip and steel trigger. The CG18 features a slotted barrel for maneuverability and easy caulk placement. A double gripping plate and trigger adjustment screw make for a longer dispensing life. The trigger adjustment screw compensates for normal wear to assure full dispensing stroke.

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