Landscaping Stairs

In the front yard the most homes you will see is that the stairs made out of concrete or brick. Most homes seem to be built on some sort of the slope even in a residential area. The reason for the slope is usually due to water drainage therefore requiring some form of stairs leading up to the front door. Landscaping stairs are also common in the backyard where you have some sort of a steep or hilly area. Some people prefer to create a hilly or raised area in the backyard this will require either a sloping sidewalk or a set of stairs.

1. Think safety, always build your staircases with safety in mind. This isn't always the case with front yard, backyard or even public stairways that are part of the landscape. I've run across some extremely dangerous stairways, that create trip hazards.

2. Make sure that your risers and treads meet local building codes. Remember, public stairs and private stairways have different building codes and often fall into different categories of construction.

3. Try to avoid using smooth building materials for your stair steps. Smooth stair treads are slippery and even more slippery when wet.

4. Try to position your sprinklers to avoid soaking down your landscaping stairs. If you're stairs are built correctly, you could end up with random puddles of water, through out your stairway, walkway and landings.

5. Plan and design your landscape stairway, around your landscaping. Some building materials don't work well with others and some building materials are difficult to work with.