Light Weight Spiral Stairs

Looking at this set of spiral stairs you get the impression that it could barely hold the weight of one person. The metal hand railing and the wooden stair treads look awfully thin.

It's hard to imagine that something like this could be extremely strong because of its spiral design. Some spiral or circular stairs actually wiggle and shake as you are walking up and down them.

Over time the wiggling and movement of the stairs can loosen the stair parts and create a safety hazard. If you have a spiral set of stairs in your house and there is a little movement, just keep your eye on the set of stairs. If the stairs start to wiggle and squeak more as time goes on you might want to contact a home repair expert.

Lightweight Spiral Stair Advice

If you're a large person, think twice before ordering a light weight spiral stairway. Some of these stairs systems actually have a weight limit, but that's not the biggest problem.

Most of these stairways are less than 30 inches wide and this could create a problem for someone who is a little larger, to get through. Even though I said that some of them were 30 inches wide, there are plenty of them that are only 24 inches wide and this would definitely make it difficult, to navigate.

I already mentioned this, but need to mention it again. Some lightweight stairways, actually wiggle and feel like they're going to fall apart, when being used.

Try to find a heavy duty, light weight spiral staircase, if possible. Don't forget that spiral stairways need to be attached to a solid surface. A thick concrete footing or a solid structural floor framing system.

You could end up with some big problems, if you just decided to put a spiral staircase, wherever you wanted to, without verifying the proper structural support.