Pre Cut Stair Stringer

Pre-cut stair stringers can usually be purchased at your local lumber yard or home improvement centers.

What Is A Pre-Cut Stair Stringer?

They are individual stair stringers that are pre-cut or pre-fabricated. They come in specific sizes, however they will not work for every application.

For Example: If you have a three step, precut stair stringer with 7 1/2 inch risers, then that would give you a total of four stair risers and a total stair rise or height of 28 inches.

In other words the deck, landing or floor that you're planning on using your prefabricated stair stringers for, will need to be exactly 28 inches, otherwise they won't work properly.

Special Note To Stair Builders

I don't recommend using precut stair stringers unless they are going to work perfectly. It isn't difficult to build your own stairs and if you need more information, check out our free, how to build stairs section of the website.