Steel Stairs With Concrete Treads

If you're looking for a heavy-duty stairway that could last for a long time, steel stairs with concrete treads could be your answer. If they're built correctly and maintained properly, they could last for decades.


1. Some of the stairways could cost a lot more money to build, than building the same stairway, out of wood. Some of these stairways could cost two to three times more than a stairway built out of wood. However, if you average the overall maintenance or replacement costs, over decades, it could be worth it, in the long run.

2. Steel stairs need to be perfect, when built off-site, because it would be difficult to make any type of adjustments, in the field. However, if you're building a wood stairway, you can usually make a few cuts and adjustments, within a matter of minutes. This won't be the case, most of the time, if the steel stairs need to be modified, on the job site.

3. Even though concrete treads are tough, they can break and if they break, in the wrong spot, they will need to be replaced. This usually creates a problem for building owners, who don't know who to contact to make these types of repairs or if they can't find the exact stair tread.


1. Steel stairs with concrete treads, definitely fall into the heavy-duty category. These stairs will rarely flex or move, at all, when someone is walking up or down them or even moving large pieces of furniture.

2. They're usually easy to maintain, but still need to be maintained. Once the metal starts to rust, it will need to be treated and then painted. Whatever you do, don't paint over the rust, without treating it.