Treated Lumber Stairs

Benefits Of Using Treated Lumber

1. It could last longer, depending upon how the lumber was actually treated and how the stairway was constructed. Treated lumber is generally used in areas where moisture could be a problem. A good example of this would be bottom framing plates, used to frame walls, for new buildings.


1. I said that it could last longer, but if the stairway wasn't built correctly or if it's exposed to moisture for a long period of time, you're going to end up with the same problems you would have, using regular construction standard lumber. Treated lumber does rot and believe it or not I've seen termites, tear it up.

2. Treated lumber can be extremely rough and if you're walking down one of these stairways, with bare feet, you could end up with some splinters. It's not uncommon to find these stairways down by the beach, where people actually walk around, in their bare feet.

I've never used treated lumber for stair treads and hopefully I never will. They aren't attractive, they're too rough and there is no guarantee that they will last any longer than other types of lumber.

If the stairway is built correctly and the area around the stairway doesn't have any drainage or moisture problems, almost any set of stairs will last, for many years. The key to a long-lasting stairway is good maintenance.