Rock Style Porch Stairs

What a wonderful idea, building a front porch set of entry stairs out of concrete and rock. If you notice the skirt of the House is also built from rock or a rock veneer.

I really like the idea of storage underneath the porch. The only problem is storage underneath a concrete porch like this is moisture.

If you water the front yard around this rock style porch stairway you could ruin the stuff you store inside of it from mold and mildew. What happens is the moisture wicks up from the bottom or the sides of the concrete or rock faced walls.

This moisture in an unventilated area will tend to settle on what ever is stored underneath the porch. After a while the moisture will attract mold and mildew and these are friends you don't want underneath your rock style porch stairway.

Another thing I like to point out is that though water draining off of the roof from rain could also create a problem with moisture. Even if you have a rain gutters and they're directing the water away from the home, don't forget about the moisture in the soil.

In other words be careful what ever you store in an unventilated or under ventilated storage area.