Split Landing Staircase

A split landing staircase has one step in the landing and is usually used when there is not enough room for one more step, ether at the top or the bottom of the stairs. I don't recommend using them, unless you need to, because they can be dangerous, especially to people with poor vision.

Here is a wonderful example of how a split landing can be constructed. I like to set back the riser of the landing step so that the overhang lines up with the wall. I've met plenty of stair builders who simply build the landing even with the wall, while the nosing, protrudes out from the finished wall, creating a unfinished look.

Split stair landings can be tricky to build. It wouldn't be a bad idea to verify your landing measurements, before building each one of the individual landings.

When I first started building stairs, this was a big problem. However, it wasn't long before I figured out a solution, but it related to verifying my measurements, before I even thought about putting one nail in the stairway.

Remember the old saying, "Measure twice and cut once." Well the same thing applies to stair building," Measure twice, check your measurements and then measure again, to verify them."