Stair Handrailing Parts

1. Venetian Face Mount Baluster
  Simple to install and maintain. Rust-free and corrosion-resistant. Powder-coated finish, ACQ compatible. Stainless screws included. 1-1/2" X 42". 25-year warranty. 6-pieces per pack. No. AL9800B42W: Black No. AL9800P42W: Pewter
2. Stair Hand Railing System Kit
  The railing system has been designed and engineered to simplify the process making interior stair installation DIY simple. A complete railing section in a box simplifies takeoffs. Preselected and predrilled railing. Powder-coated metal balusters
3. Aluminum Handrailing Baluster
  Black aluminum balusters Axxys. 10 pieces per box. No. AL9300B26W: 26" No. AL9300B32W: 32"
4. Rail & Post Bolt
  Rail & Post Fasteners.
5. Hemlock Colonial Spindle
  Hemlock stair part and spindle program. Colonial hemlock spindles. Diagram shown is for a 36" spindle. For other sizes see table below. S = Size, TA = Turned Area, ST = Square Top, SB = Square Bottom. 2" baluster actual size is 1 5 8", 3" baluster actual
6. Treated Outdoor Newel Post
  Pressure treated wood products. Colonial, 3 1 4" x 3 1 4" x 48", 23 3 8" base, 14 5 8" turned area, 10" top. Treated lumber is usually used outdoors.
7. Copper Whistler And Snow Peak White Pyramid Post Cap
  Wood pyramid slip cap with metal top. Available in pressure treated or cedar wood. Available for 4x4 post (3 1 16" actual inside) and 6x6 post (5 1 2" actual inside). No. CE9903000W: 4x4 cedar whistler pyramid, copper No. CE9903200W: 6x6 cedar whistler pyramid.
8. Pyramid Slip Pressure Treated Post Cap
  Available in pressure treated or cedar wood. Fits 4x4 post (3 1 16" actual inside). No. AT9902100W: Pressure treated No. CE9902100W: Cedar
9. Hemlock Hampton Handrail
  Hemlock stair part and spindle program. Shrink wrapped complete with fillet. May be fingerjointed (FJ). 8'.
10. Ball Shaped Newel Post Cap
  4" x 3 -1/8" Cedar West Coast Post Cap.