4 x 12 Lower Stair Stringer Trip Hazard

Here's another problem building owners and insurance companies are going to run into every once in a while. I've said this before and I'll say it again, a little bit of information can make all the difference in the world and this is the perfect example of it.

The colored area in the picture above should be removed for stairway safety. Realistically, it's only a matter of time before someone using this stairway actually trips and falls, while making a sharp turn, either going up or down the stairs. Obviously the stair stringer on the other side wouldn't be as important, yet could be removed to keep everything in proportion.

As a stair builder or property owner, you should walk through your buildings every once in a while to make sure there aren't any obstacles in the main path of travel. This would include stairways, decks, hallways and walkways.

Another solution to a problem like this would have been to extend the stairway handrail past the bottom of the trip hazard.