Moving Furniture Up Exterior Spiral Stairs

This set of stairs is created from concrete and metal. It would be hard to imagine building this set of stairs on site but it could be possible. More than likely this set of spiral stairs was prefabricated and then brought to the job site.

The set of spiral stairs matches the building nicely. If you look closely right above the exterior light on the right side of the picture you can see a small landing going to a walkway, at the second level.

What's Wrong With This Spiral Stairway?

Now that I have your attention, there actually isn't anything wrong with the spiral stairway, but you had better hope that there's another stairway or elevator, in the building. If there isn't, it's going to be extremely difficult to move large objects up and down the stairs.

Even though building codes allow spiral stairways to access certain parts of a building, doesn't mean that you will be able to move a large cabinet, mattress or sofa up and down these stairs. In other words, it's a little easier to move a large sofa up a straight stairway than something like this.