Stair Lift

If you have difficulty going up and down stairs, or use a walker or wheelchair, stairs can be a huge obstacle. You may be thinking about remodeling or even selling your house because of your stairs. Before you do, consider a stair lift.

Stair lifts are also known as stair gliders, stair chairs or chair lifts. They carry the disabled or the elderly gently and safely up the stairs. Make sure that the stair lift can swivel at the upper landing and turn away from the stairs to provide a confident and safe method to get off. If the stair lift comes with a remote control, it will assist the caregiver in case the individual could not operate the controls themselves.

When selecting a stair lift make sure it can maneuver curved and narrow stairs. It should also negotiate corridors and intermediate landings without any problem. There should be a battery back up available in the stair lift so that during power outages, the lift should continue to operate.

One of life’s pleasures is to relax in the bath easing away the aches, stresses and pains. To assist the disabled and the senior citizens lacking easy mobility to enjoy the therapeutic value of a bath, a bath lift can be used also.

For just about any kind of stair lift you might have, there's a stair lift that will fit. Simple Straight stairs require just a few hours for installation. Curved staircases or those with more complex configurations (such as multiple landings or unusual doorways) can be custom-built to suit your individual needs.

I hope this information helps because some people don't know certain items like these are available.