Braided Stair Treads

Braided stair treads can turn a boring, humdrum looking stairway into something fantastic. If your stairs are looking a little worn and you're looking for something to spruce them up a bit, braided stair treads just might be the answer.

Braided Stair Tread Tips

1. To eliminate any measurement problems with your new stair tread covering, make sure that you double check all of your measurements.

For example, if you have a 35 inch wide stairway and you're ordering 36 inch wide stair tread covering (braided stair treads), you could have a problem, installing them. They would either need to be sent back to the manufacturer or cut to fit.

2. If you order braided stair treads over the Internet and you're not happy with them, you could be responsible for returning them and paying to have them shipped back to the place where you purchased them from. This could be expensive, so make sure that your order is correct and that you understand, everything about your purchase.

3. There are possible safety hazards that come with braided stair treads and other stair coverings. Make sure that you purchase any adhesives or tape that will be needed to properly fasten them to your stairway.

Make sure that you actually can attach them to your stairway. Carpet tread mats might not attach to concrete as easy as wood.

4. Can you wash them? Some of these stair tread coverings are detachable or have a rubber backing. If you're looking for something that you can throw in a wash machine and clean regularly, make sure that you order accordingly.

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