Wood Stair Treads

Wood stair treads also come in a wider variety of shapes and designs. You can usually find them, made out of plywood, particle board, oriented strand board, engineered lumber, softwoods and even hardwoods.

Even if you find a wood stair tread that you like, but it isn't the exact color, you can usually find a stain that will provide you with something close or even exactly what you're looking for. Next to carpeting, wood stair treads are the most popular stair treads, used by stair builders.

Advantages Of Wood Stair Treads

1. They look fantastic and home builders have been using wood stair treads for centuries and will continue to use them in the future. The nicest stairways I've ever seen have been built out of wood. Some of them even had carpet runners, running down the center, but hands down, wood provide you with a look and feel that can't be achieved, with any other building materials.

2. If the right type of wood is selected for your stair tread, it can last for years. I've seen stairways that were over a hundred years old and still look fantastic, especially for their age.

Disadvantages Of Wood Stair Treads

1. The cost could be astronomical, especially if you are planning on using expensive building materials. It's not just the lumber, the price to put these incredible stairways together, can also dig deep into your pockets.

2. Wood stair steps are smooth and smooth stair steps reduced traction, increasing your chances for slipping and then falling and then becoming injured. Think twice before using wood for your stair treads or at least look at the alternatives and install some type of slip resistant materials, somewhere within the step.

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