Epoxy - Woodworking And Carpentry

Epoxy comes in different mixtures for different applications. It's a high-strength glue that can be used on wood, metal, glass, plastic and even concrete. It's used to fasten two objects together.

Concrete Building Epoxy

The picture above shows a few holes that were drilled through the bottom framing plate of a structural shear wall, into the concrete building foundation. We used a concrete building epoxy to attach a few galvanized all thread anchor bolts and hold downs to the foundation.

This type of epoxy can be used in construction remodeling, renovation and even stair building. There are a variety of uses for this wonderful adhesive.

Epoxy Tips

Even though different epoxies, bond great to different products, some of the materials used, will actually separate, under enough pressure. Let me give you an example of what I'm talking about.

I use a high-strength epoxy that's recommended by the product manufacturer, to attach two pieces of wood together for the base of a stairway baluster. Over time the baluster becomes loose and when it's removed to be repaired, you notice that the epoxy is still holding on to a small piece of wood, at the base or connection point.

The epoxy didn't fail, the wood baluster actually split. This isn't uncommon in the stair building business. The glue, adhesive or epoxy does its job, but the wood isn't strong enough under these conditions.

Anchor Bolt Epoxy System