The only time I can think of a ceiling that isn't going to have a problem, with a set of stairs is if you don't have one. If you're building a set of deck stairs that doesn't have the ceiling, then you can skip this section.

If you're building a set of stairs, in a cramped section of a home or even in a house that wasn't designed correctly, you could end up having problems with the ceiling.

Minimum Headroom Clearance

There's two ways you can handle this.

1. You can build the set of stairs, before you build the ceiling or second floor. Then you can make modifications to the floor or ceiling framing.

2. You can build the floor or ceiling and then install the stairway and make modifications to the stairway, if necessary.

However, it wouldn't be a bad idea, to use a little math and check the situation out in advance and then fix it, before you start to build, anything.

The biggest problem with a low ceiling is that some taller people just might hit their head on the ceiling, if it's located in the wrong spot or the wrong height, while they're walking up or down the stairway.

Problems like these should be fixed, before doing any further construction to the building.

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