Deck Stairs

I don't even know where to begin, with deck stairs. There are so many materials available today and more designs than you can imagine. We have man-made materials and natural products that make today's decks look spectacular.

Redwood - Redwood has been used for years, but is expensive. It's soft and scratches easily, but can be sanded, stained and retreated, most of the time. The biggest problem I have using Redwood for deck stairs is that most homeowners don't realize how soft it actually is.

Man-Made Materials - Some of these products look great, but when they say no maintenance, they're not referring to materials that become damaged and will need to be replaced. One time I watched someone move a refrigerator down a set of stairs, made out of Trex and when it was over, the entire stairway had been scratched.

Most of the time your deck stairs will be built with the same decking materials used to build the deck. This method of construction usually creates a nice flow from the yard, to the deck.

What About Pressure Treated Wood?

Depending upon where you live, pressure-treated wood could be a lifesaver, but if it isn't installed correctly, it won't last long. Let's face it, pressure-treated wood isn't attractive or should I say that I don't find attractive and would never use it for my deck stairs.

I believe pressure-treated materials provide homeowners with a false illusion. Even contractors, architects and engineers get caught up in the hype. If these materials are sitting in dirt or used improperly, they will get ruined.

Deck Stair Questions And Answers

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