How Many Risers

If you have a set of building blueprints, then feel free to skip ahead to the total staircase rise.

Sometimes you can make adjustments with the stairway run, but you won't be able to make any adjustments with the total stairway rise. There's only a couple of measurements that will work and if they aren't working, then you're going to need to make the necessary adjustments.

In order for us to figure out how many stair risers we need, you will need to measure the total stair rise. This would be the vertical distance (up and down) that the stairs are going to connect with.

After you have figured out the total stair rise, you can start dividing a few numbers into it, until you arrive at something close enough, to use.

How To Figure Out How Many Stair Risers You Need

Lets pretend like you have a total stair rise of 49 inches. The first thing I like to do is divide a measurement between 7 and 8 inches into the total stair rise. I can see that 7 is going to divide in the 49, perfectly, so let's use the number seven.

7 / 49 inches = 7 inches - giving us 7 stair risers at 7 inches.

What if the measurement was 52 inches?

7 / 52 inches = 7.43 inches, which would give us 7 stair risers that would be just under 71/2 inches, each.

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