What Type Of Stairs To Build

We are only going to cover three types of stairs, in this section of our free stair building section of this website, even though you could use this information to figure out how to build almost any type of stairway.

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Straight Stairs

A Straight stairway is any set of stairs that does not have a platform or landing. These are usually the simplest staircases to build and would be an excellent choice for anyone who hasn't ever built a set of stairs.

Stairway With Landing

A stairway with a landing is any stairway that has a platform located somewhere between the bottom and the top of the stairs. The stairs can go up and then turn to the right or left and even continue, in the same direction.

If you're planning on building a stairway with a landing, try to look at it like this. You're going to build a Straight set of stairs up to one floor (landing) and then build another Straight set of stairs, to the next floor or landing.

Break the stair construction project into sections, to make it easier.

Bottom Platform Stairs

A bottom platform stairway would consist of a landing or a separate floor at the bottom of a Straight stairway. The bottom platform is usually the same height as each one of the risers, for the Straight stairs.

In other words, you will be building a Straight stairway, with a separate floor, landing or platform at the bottom, of the stairway.

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