Steel Stairs And Balcony

Steel Stairs And Wood Balcony's

It's not uncommon to have an architect or building designer request a set of steel stairs for a building that's going to be framed out of wood. However, we can create a big problem, if the area where the stairway attaches to the building, wasn't built correctly.

If you're a home builder or planning on installing a metal stairway, to any part of your home, deck or balcony, make sure that you have some type of heavy-duty framing supports, for the steel stairs to attach to. These stairways are heavy and if they aren't supported properly, could actually fall down.

Stairway Maintenance

I've worked on plenty of apartment properties that have steel stairs, with heavy concrete treads, attached to wood framed buildings and believe it or not, these parts can actually fall apart. Remember, wood rot's, concrete breaks and metal rusts. If you're not maintaining the stairway or the parts of the stairway that are attached to the building or flooring, you're going to have problems, eventually.

I wouldn't mention this, except for the fact that I'm the person they call, when they need to have one of these stairways repaired or replaced. I've seen plenty of damage done to steel stairs and the balconies that they attach to.

If I was to guess, 90% of this damage could've been avoided, with a little tender loving care and maintenance. Sometimes all these stairways needed was a little paint. If you could imagine a contractor telling the property owner that they could have spent a few dollars for paint, instead of a few thousand dollars for a new stairway, what their reaction would normally be, you would probably be correct.

If you're guessing that it's extremely frustrating for someone to shell out a few thousand dollars, instead of a few dollars, you're right. You want to know the kicker though, most of these people end up paying to replace their stairways, again, because they really weren't ever concerned with the maintenance, in the first place.