Wood Stairs

Wood staircases are the most common form of stairs built in the world. Wood is one of the most renewable resources on the planet. Wood is relatively inexpensive and therefore a great choice when constructing homes and stairways.

Building a Straight set of wood stairs can seem like an extremely difficult task but with a little help in a few pictures anyone should be able to do it. The nice thing about wood is if you make a mistake it's easier to fix than steel or concrete.

Wood stairs are an excellent choice as a finish and seem to be extremely durable when used on the interior of a house. Wood used on an exterior projects such as a deck will wear over time due to weather. If you use the correct materials and sealer this will prolong the life of your outdoor projects.

Wood stairs can be covered with carpeting and tile on the inside of the house. On the outside of the house, wood can be covered with outdoor carpet , paint or a latex modified product such as dex a tex which produces a water proof membrane over the Wood. This waterproof membrane if done properly will extend the life of your stairs.

Outdoor wood stairs will require maintenance and if you live in a humid or extremely dry climate you could be replacing the stairs every 10 to 15 years.

These stairs are in the back of a commercial property and do not get used much. The problem becomes when people do start to use them and they are weak or damaged from termites or wood rot.

Maintain all your interior and exterior wood stairs to extend the life of these stairways and save you money from repairs or worse yet stair replacement.